What is Valo?

Valo is a division of Dauphin, one of the world's leading office seating manufacturers, recognized in more than 50 countries for their proven competence in the field. Valo has been introduced to service the office furniture dealer market with products and services specifically introduced for this market.

We work with international designers and manufacturers to develop our seating program. The resulting products are extremely comfortable, good looking and easy to use. Attention is given to the product cost during this process to ensure that the final product is competitively priced. Finally a standard product assembly is identified to ensure our quick ship program is unparalleled in the market.

How do I determine the best chair for me?

Where will you be using the chair?  At your desk?  As a guest chair? 
Once the area and function are determined, see the product brochures to find the chair that best suits your needs.  From swivel chairs to side chairs, there is a wide variety to ensure you find the perfect fit with Valo.

What is Valo's Quickship policy?

We offer 4 fabrics to choose from, shipment generally within 7 days from receipt of order.

What are your best-selling chairs?

The best-selling Valo chairs are Viper (link to brochure) and Polo (link to brochure).

Do you carry a reinforced chair for heavier people?

Yes, the Magnum chair comfortably holds 400 pounds for 24-hours 7 days a week and is Emergency Services Approved.

What is LeatherSoft?

The Luxo chair’s LeatherSoft upholstery is a luxurious upholstery that is softer and more durable than leather.  It also requires less maintenance.

Is there a COM/COL option?

Yes, prices for chairs with a COM furnished are the same as chairs covered in Category A fabrics.  Orders for COL will be subject to
Category C pricing.

Where can I find Valo assembly instructions?

Viper Assembly Instruction Download (click here)
Polo Assembly Instruction Download (click here)

What is the Valo product warranty?

Visit our warranty page (click here)

Where can I find the nearest Valo dealer?

Find your nearest Valo Sales Rep (click here)

Where can I try out a Valo chair?

Valo seating is offered through office furniture dealers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. For the location of the dealer or sales representative nearest you, kindly contact us at 1.800.995.6500.

How can I order?

Orders can be placed by phone, fax or email.  When ordering, please include proper chair model number, fabric name, color number and quantity desired.

What are Glide Tables?

Glide Tables are made for anywhere in your office and are all about your preferences-color, shape and style.  Available in a large selection of colors and shapes, Glide Tables have adjustable glides or casters, bridges for multiple configurations and available with fold or flip bases.  Click (table brochure link) for more information

How many laminates are there for Glide Tables?

Glide tables come in 18 laminate colors which can be viewed here (click here).

Do you have a glossary of chair terms?


A wheel or set of wheels mounted in a swivel frame for supporting furniture. Casters can have hard wheels (for carpeted floors) or soft (for hard surfaces).


Older office chairs came with a 4-star (or 4-legged) base. In the past 20 years, most chair manufacturers have moved to offering only 5-star bases, which provide additional stability.


Most modern office chairs are equipped with a pneumatic seat height cylinder. Unlike most other chair producers, Dauphin uses a second, smaller cylinder in most of its chairs to provide additional comfort and ergonomic support.

Chair Control/Under Seat Mechanism:

Also known as the "under seat mechanism", this is the structure which supports the seat and back and allows the chair to be adjusted in height, pitch and orientation.


The part of the chair against which the user's back rests. A well designed chair backrest will support the user in all working positions.

Adjustable Arms

Height adjustable arms are an option for a number of chairs.  Adjustable armrests can be adjusted into a number of positions from width to height and even rotate.


The optional accessory for extended head support  allowing the user’s head and neck to rest comfortably..  See product brochures for availability and other options.